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Most Hated Poker Pro



Most Hated Poker Pro


When the matter is about the most hated poker pro, Phil Hellmuth is considered as the official most hated poker pro. The poll was twitter based and was conducted by Doyle Brunson who is also considered as the Godfather of Poker. Hellmuth is highly hated by people at the poker tournaments. The crowd really becomes happy when he is eliminated from the tours. Although it is very rude way, his hateful character or his total disrespect for poker manners, it is not so shocking that he tops the list. He is supposed to be the brains at the back the entire UB cheating outrage. He is also considered as the person who cheated most and got benefited in term of money. He has never protected himself and it is most likely that people assert him guilty. However, he walks around everywhere like nothing ever happened, with loads of money in his pockets.

As a matter of fact, Hellmuth absolutely use his status to his individual benefit. However, he is also one of the most famous he is one of the individual of the poker world. He creates the extra publicity and is highly followed by media and sponsorships.

The next player who comes on the second rank is Russ Hamilton, he used his spot and cheated to gain millions of dollars from unwary players at Ultimate Bet. The third place is occupied by Tony G, who is most famous for his extremely loathsome character as a front man in the world of poker.

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