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Gus Hansen wins the Full Tilt Poker Million IX

gus hansen full tilt


Gus Hansen wins the Full Tilt Poker Million IX

gus hansen full tiltFinally the Full Tilt Poker Million IX has a new winner. The new winner was announced in December, 2010. New name into the wining list is Gus Hansen whose skills put the Dane in the elite group of the tournaments’ top players. This was not the first time but the second time in a row.

The final night proved to be lucky for the winner and this luck helped Gus Hansen win the full Tilt Poker Million IX. Hansen set the final table of poker pros in London and won the title and the take-always with the title.

The final weave had to be through Patrick Antonius, Howard Lederer, Seth Webber, Tony, Barney Boatman, Gary Peniket and James Bord towards his title.

Last table was foiled between Brit Toney Bloom who was then eliminated by Hansen making it to the title.

The tournament in itself has been one of its kinds and the full tilt poker million is thought to be a shootout style tournament that started with 48 players. Out of these 48 made it to the final table. Each player started with $ 90000 in his pocket for the preliminary heat win.

Gus Hansen celebrated his win over the other 47 players in the tournament, in front of a live TV audience on Sky Sports. The final table was the one of the toughest that the tournament has ever witnessed. The winner had got him in some tough spots but his right decisions at the right time made him the winner.

It seems that Gus Hansen after winning the Full Tilt Poker Million IX has regained himself. He has reignited himself in the game and produced some flawless display from start to finish.

Gus Hansen was the most deserving player in the game to win the title. The winner now will be defending his title in the next year’s anniversary event. The next season would be worth watching.

Tony had been an aggressive three handed and the winner even was not able to read what he had. But the winner already had enough equity to call which was the deciding hand.

Gus Hansen played a wonderful game and gave an incredible final adding the Poker Million Title IX to his WSOP Europe, which he captured a couple of months ago.

After winning The Poker Million Title IX, Gus Hansen now has earned $ 8,675. 464 and with it the winner add him to the list of all time tournament money list. Gus Hansen has become a hero for the poker lovers and attained the peak of fame in the poker world.

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