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Justin Bonomo Winningest Poker Player


Justin Bonomo Winningest Poker Player

Jutin Bonomo has won more money playing poker tournaments than any other player in history. This 32 year old professional poker player has won $10 million playing in the $1 million buy-in at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas on Tuesday. This win has moved his total lifetime winnings to $43 million which has moved him slightly ahead of Daniel Negreanu.

It is only July and Bonomo has won a total of $25 million in 2018. In March he won $4.8 million in Macau and another $5 million in another high roller tournament in May in Las Vegas. His win on Tuesday was marked as his 16the six-figure win in 2018.

Bonomo defeated Fedor Holz heads-up who walked away with $6 million in consolation prize. Holz is in the fourth place on the all-time money list with $32 million in winnings. The most astonishing thing is that Holz is only 24 years old.

As a poker fan, you should consider these figures as point totals and not balances in the bank account. The prizes do not include the amount used in the buy-ins. These pros also take part in tournaments and do not make any money. There are also deals where the player has investors investing in the buy-in amount to get part returns from the winnings the player gets.

The Record Setting Game

Bonomo won the $10 million grand prize against Fedor Holz, Dan Smith, Rick Salomon, David Einhorn and Byron Kaverman. Einhorn bowed out firs before a huge early hand that saw Holz knock out Salomon and Kaverman.

The hand of the day has Kaverman dealt ace-five, clubs and this made him go all in for $8.025 million off the gate. Holz (pair 10s) called before Salomon (ace-King, hearts) raised his own all in at $27.45 million. As Holz mulled for his options, Salomon revealed his ace even though it might have been accidentally and was ruled to leave it face up. Holz made a call and the flop showed ace, king, two before the turn revealed a queen. Salomon was relieved as Holz accepted the fate. The river gave Holz a third ten turning the tables.

Holz was in control of the game heading to the final three after knowcking out Salomon and Kavernman. Bonomo on the other hand was charging to catchup after getting into the short stack status clawing his way back in and busting Smith.

The duel between Holz and Bonomo continued. These two met at the Super High Roller Bowl where Bonomo bust Holz. Holz was doomed as Bonomo’s ace-jack beat Holz’s ace-four in the final hand.

Bonomo’s future

Bonomo dedicade the bracelet to his father and said that he will be taking some time off after the gruelling grind. He pointed out that he will be back soon. He said that he has nothing to prove to anyone and that he will continue playing in the tournaments to his level best.

The $10 million win by Bonomo is registered as the fourth all time in the Big One for One Drop event. Antonio Esfandiari holds the highest spot with a win of more than $18.3 million (2012), Dan Colman $15.3 million (2014) and Elton Tsang in third with $11.1 million (2016).

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