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Women entering the poker world

woman play poker


Women entering the poker world

If you look some decades back, poker was the game dominated my men; a woman playing poker was a very rare and infact was perceived to be very odd. But in the past few years you can see a drastic change in this men dominated domain. Women are showing keen interest in this area and becoming a challenging poker player. Women are no more playing the role of a companion of the poker player, or waitress or an entertainer for the men playing poker. They are themselves making their own place in actually playing the game instead of sitting in the poker halls as a personal assistant and in some cases they are considered to be the better ones in playing the game tactfully. No doubt there always the men to come under the league of top poker players as they still come under the majority in the world of poker.

As more and more women plays poker now-a-days, you would find a lot of ladies event specially organized to play poker in a pure womanish environment. Women playing in an open event are not widely and commonly seen around the world as they are still hesitant in playing on such a broader level. The reason for this reluctance is women are the beginners in the field of poker and obviously it needs some time to slowly and gradually proving themselves and building their confidence level. woman play poker

The playing style of both the genders is also very different from each other’s. When a man is playing poker he tends to stake all what he possess and plays the game making it his ego problem. Women are not considered to be that much touchy and extremist in playing the poker. They don’t play it to satisfy their ego or something like that; in most of the cases they just play the game for the sake of having fun but that doesn’t mean they got a weak strategy in playing poker. They play it with the same level of expertise and strategies but their emotional preferences and playing styles are different from that of the men.

There is no doubt more and more women are playing poker and entering the world of poker with a fast pace but majority figure is still in the hands of men and women still come under the minority. What is needed in this area is to increase the number of women in the poker world. Women are very smart in playing the poker but it’s just that they are new to poker world and they need a great deal of time to challenge the male dominant poker globe. As women are equally participating in each and every field same is the case with poker and no sooner they would occupy a prominent place in this world too.

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