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Daniel Negreanu – Canadians can kick ass too


Daniel Negreanu – Canadians can kick ass too

Daniel Negreanu is also one of the youngest poker players in the league. He is born in 1974 and at the age of 36 he has accomplished so many things that even 50 years old player can not say that they have accomplished. He is one of the few players who have more than 3 bracelets from World Series of Poker. To be exact he owns 4 bracelets. Also, he owns 2 titles from the World Poker tour. He is ranked on second place in the chart of all time career earnings. First is Phil Ivey. Stating all the facts by now you must be really impressed by the astonishing skills of Daniel. Still not impressed? Then did you know that Daniel is part of the poker game show called Million Dollar challenge?His poker career started in 1997 where he won 3 tournaments. 2 of them are the World Series of Poker events. His fortune is more than $13.000.000. Only 5 millions of this money comes from World Series of Poker events. In 1998 he won the World Series of Poker and he becomes the youngest participant that has won the bracelet from the WSOP. This record unfortunately was held until 2004. However, after he won his first bracelet he collected another three, making him one of the few players that own more than 3 bracelets. Also, Daniel has more than 23 appearances on the final table during World Series of Poker. His constant tournament participation is the one thing that makes him really rich. He is jumping from one tournament to another and he is doing great in all of them. His skills and passion for poker are making him tough player and someone that you should be afraid of, when you are on the poker table.

He is found to play often in the Bobby’s Room, where he is making pile of money. In 2006 he started to deal with online poker. He created special poker game on his own website in order to find a protégé. This selected person would be personally trained by Daniel to become his heir. The name of this person is Brian Fidler. He did not disappoint his mentor and turned to be one of the discoveries on several tournaments. His initial money help by Daniel was really useful for Brian because he did not have enough money to afford to play in high-ranked tournaments.

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